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Get Your New Year's Eve Dance Moves With This 3-Week Hip-Hop, House, And Lock Workshop

What's Happening

Need to learn some killer dance moves before NYE? Sign up for The Bohemian House's three-week workshop that will see you learn not one but three super cool dance styles. Hip-hop, house, and locking are what you will learn during this workshop that will be conducted by Gagan Somaiah. In fact, the workshops finish just before Christmas, so you've got yourself the office or family Christmas party to unleash your new moves. We are signing up because it's high time we realised that standing and just waving our hands like we don't care isn't dancing. 

How's The Venue

The workshop will be conducted at the dance studio in The Bohemian House. 

Price Includes

It starts INR 600 for just one class. For one style, it starts at INR 1,500.

Make A Note

The classes will happen in the consecutive weeks of December, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

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