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Graffiti, Street Shopping And Boating: Five Cool Things To Do In Malleshwaram

Malleshwaram is one of the two Bangalore suburbs that inspired R.K Naryana’s fictional town of Malgudi {the other being Basavanagudi} is home to old-Bangalore charms and iconic eateries. But when you are not waiting in line at Veena Stores {or Sri Raghavendra Stores} or being a mall rat at Mantri Mall, there’s a lot this bustling suburb has to offer. We picked out five cool things do in Malleshwaram so that the only thing you would need to do is save this recommendation and have fun.

Sure, Malleshwaram is true-blue old Bangalore neighbourhood with its Dravidian-style temple architecture and old houses that are straight out of Malgudi Days. But in the lanes and crosses, you will find art and graffiti. These blend in quite well with surroundings with most of them having stood the test of time. The art project was held way back in 2012 at the Urban Avant-Garde project in cooperation with Malleswaram Accessibility Project, Jaaga and Goethe Institut. Popular places include 6th Cross on Sampige Road, 18th Cross, and the Malleswaram Railway Station.

Check out some of the art here.

Around noon is when 8th Cross Malleshwaram starts its bazaar scene. And it’s one of the best places for street shopping for anyone who wants to explore something other than Commercial Street. The entire footpath on both sides of the street are lined with vendors who sell everything from dreamcatchers to blingy jhumkas. In fact, if you just walk along, you will also find vendors selling fresh fruits, flowers, and crockery as well. There are even makeshift stalls that sell export rejects, so score yourself some loose t-shirts and baggy jammies, whose quality you maybe should not question! You will also find stalls selling blouses, sarees, and matching material as well.

Chowdiah Memorial Hall is North Bangalore’s cultural hub and it’s known for its distinctive violin-shaped architecture that’s a homage to violin maestro Tirumakudalu Chowdiah. In fact, if you could get a top view {there are a couple of high rises nearby}, you will see that the entire hall is shaped like a seven-stringed violin, complete with strings, keys, the bridge, and the bow. It’s the venue for diverse programming including Carnatic and Hindustani concerts, jazz, ballet, traditional and contemporary dance performances, and plays.

For those of us who miss that personalised service every time we visited a library {or even a store}, the cosy library of Gupta Circulating Library will provide it and more. More being that the library is mostly lined with classics and bestsellers. PG Wodehouse, Ayn Rand, and Dan Brown all make their presence felt. It’s been operating for 60+ years and by GRJ Gupta since he was 10, but more of that here.

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