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Get Your Fruit Fix On The Go With Furo Fruits

What Makes It Awesome?

Now get your fruit fix anywhere anytime without the hassle of peeling and cutting. Say Yes to healthy snacking with Furo Fruits. Literally, freeze-dried, these fruits do not lose the nutrition and flavour post the process. Who knew fruits can be had like this. Unlike the typical dried fruits where the flavour and the texture of the original fruit change so much, Furo fruit bites are a whole new product completely. Don’t believe us? Just try one pack and you’d know what we are saying. The brand Furo Food sources fresh fruits from trusted farms, and harvest them at the peak of their ripeness. Once harvested, the fruits are cleaned and frozen quickly to minimize any nutritional losses. Followed by slow drying, that leaves the fruits in a dry and crunchy state. This unique process helps create tasty fruit bites that are crisp and convenient to eat and retain most of the flavour, colour and nutrition of the fresh fruit. Available in Various flavours like Pineapple, Jamun, Chikoo, these fruit bites are very low in calories, 100% raw, and free from any added sugar, colours, preservatives, or chemicals. We totally dig the ‘Jamun’ flavour for the authentic taste of the seasonal fruit. The best part, you get to taste almost fresh ‘Jamuns’ any time of the year. Aint that cool. Snacking can get so much healthier and hassle-free. Just grab a bag of Furo and pop in the bites. These can also be blended into smoothies or toppings for ice creams and desserts. Covered all bases we say.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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