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Keep It Desi With Kolhapuris From These Stores In Bangalore

Kolhapuris is a staple favorite and a part of almost every Indian's wardrobe. Looking to find a pair of Kolhapuris to hit the next Pandal during Durga Pujo or for college, work or just something to add a hint of Indian style to your everyday outfits? Here's a list of places to buy Kolhapuris in Bangalore for both men and women.

Commercial street has to be the first place to check out budget-friendly, long-lasting and handmade Kolhapuris in Bangalore. Check out Shoe Walk, a small store at Veerapallai street, just off commercial street for authentic kolhapuris in nude, tan and colours like gold, rose gold, black, pink and blue. The Kolhapuris here start at INR 250 and of course, unleash your bargaining skills and walk away with a pair of kolhapuris at a price that would bring a smile on your face.

Kolhapuri's, as the name suggests is a tiny store in Brigade Road is home to colourful kolhapuris with fun prints and bold colours like yellows, pinks and blues. Located in Patrick's Complex, you can find a range of slippers with paisley and floral motifs with a combination of colours like blues and pink, red and yellow that would add some colour to your outfit and get ready to stand out amidst the crowd. They also sell kolhapuris with golden thread work and colours like gold and silver perfect for a minimal look at a shaadi. They are priced at INR 350 and embellished ones at INR 390. The prices can be bargained at Kolhapuri's.

Another store that you must check out while shopping at commercial street for kolhapuris is Ritz Shoes. You can choose any pair of shoes from here and it will look great with your attire. Located at a few shops away from Shiv Sagar, Ritz Shoes is heaven for anyone who loves or even wants to buy a pair of kolhapuris. Find a wide range of kolhapuris priced between INR 280 to INR 350, like the plain colourful ones in reds, pinks, yellows, greens, and blues to match with your outfit, pop-coloured kolhapuris with floral patterns and more embellished ones with thread work, beads and pom-poms. They also sell the authentic kolhapuris in nude and tan shades and also the ones with gold and silver.

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