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Spend Your Sundays At This Terrace Studio In Koramangala Indulging In Art Therapy


Want to bring out your creative self but don’t know how to? The good folks at Hanno Terrace Studio will help you find an outlet through simple watercolour exercises. This makes for a great way to spend your Sundays.

What Makes It Awesome

The Hanno Terrace Studio in Koramangala is a space that explores art as a therapeutic outlet. This can be done individually through private classes or in group sessions. Derived from expressive art therapy, their classes involve experimenting with watercolours, acrylics, oil pastels, pen and charcoal. Open to both non-artists and artists, the folks at the studio conduct regular workshops over the weekend. Playing around with music and art, they also host painting sessions where you just let your hands flow to the music and reflect on what you have painted.

The founders of the space also conduct block-printing and dye-printing workshops using vegetables and fruits to make their colours and patterns. The sessions are designed for each individual and expectations from these. For four classes (80 minutes long) per month, they charge INR 3,500. Even though it’s on the higher side, we think the art therapy Hanno is working on is both fun and therapeutic (plus it never really did hurt anyone to paint a few strokes, did it?). Throw yourself a challenge and pick up a new skill!

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