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Pet Parents! Eat Oota From Your Thota With Your Furbaby

What's Happening?

We are happy to welcome all your pets at our pet-friendly event Oota From Your Thota at Village Story. Bring your pets to this edition Oota From Your Thotaevent to meet the pet community. Pets are also entitled to FREE admission, but owners have to be responsible and clean up after their pets. Trash receptacles are provided around the area. Participants are required to clean up all pets messes with a paper baggie immediately after an occurrence. Please ask for newspaper at the venue if you have forgotton to carry it. Request pet owners to keep them in leash as everyone might not be pet friendly with your pets. Plus pets should not get inside small farming plots at Village Story farm.

We suggest to carry your own pet food. For sanitary and health reason, do bring your own portable water bowl for your dog. You can fill it at the water stations provided at the venue.Only bring your pet along if they are well-behaved, non-aggressive and doesn’t get stressed out in crowded, stimulating and noisy situations. There are all kinds of other animals, small children, elderly people etc. We suggest to not to loosen your pet and go away from sight.

How’s the venue?

Village Story is an open space surrounded by nature which works as an event space. Their focus is on supporting farmers, natural living, community building in the lap of nature.

Make a note

You can park your cars outside the venue at your own risk

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