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This Green Gifting Store Keeps On Giving With Fully Customised Planters For Your Green Babies


Tofalaya will customise your green presents to the T, right from the plants used, to the type and theme of the planters they're in. 

What Makes It Awesome

Tohfalaya understands that plants are now the all the rage, and succulents even more so thanks to the Millennial obsession with good skin and hydration. A brand that believes in thoughtful, eco-conscious gifting, their main product is personalised plant and planter sets. 

A variety of succulents, cacti, Jade, and Money Plants are their most popular ware owing to how relatively low maintenance they are, but Tohfalaya makes the deal sweeter with their adorable planters. Since they’re all about the gifting, their planters are customised to your whims and fancies. The store has the basic and more popular designs (like mason jars, ceramic planters mini-buckets and tin cans), but the team there is open to fully customising your order. Right from the plant, to any personalisation like notes, embellishments on the planters to the plants themselves, they’ll do it. 

While you can pick up a single one for yourself (check out their zodiac sign planters, if that’s your thing) their speciality is bulk gifting. Return gifts, party favours, corporate gifting and even greenvites (they usually attach cute notes to the planters) in any shape for any theme in numbers small and large. They sell the plants at wholesale rate(starting at INR 150), and charge the rest according to the type and amount of customisation required on the planters, and of course the number of pieces you buy. 


They can make candle and pen stands, and any container (without a plant) as well, on request. 

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