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Plants & Pots: Get Green At This Nursery On Sarjapur Main Road


If you live in Sarjapur and want to pick up plants and patio decor in the area, keep an eye out for Najmi Green Decor which is a nursery and garden decor store.

What Makes It Awesome

Located on Sarjapur main road, Najmi is a nursery that sells exotic plants, bonsai and cactus (for those of us who want low maintenance plants). With creepers and hanging planters, this will become your go-to for cheap and beautiful plants. Pick up aloe-vera and DIY an organic face mask. Grow a Bonsai tree on your bedside table if you like to have nature around you. Their space is an open area with a basic compound wall around it, so keep an eye out for their sign board that says ‘Najmi Nursery & Cement Flower Pot’.

Apart from plants, they sell basic terracotta and plastic pots in funky patterns. Get hanging pots so you could use it to make a vertical garden in your balcony, and pick up some organic seeds for that long standing plan of your kitchen garden with tomatoes and herbs. If you have a lawn and need tools, fertiliser and pesticides, be sure to ask them. With rates for plants going as low as INR 20, this will become a frequent haunt to add greenery (or pops of colour with flowers) to your space. They also customise pots and planters so if you're working with a certain aesthetic, get creative!


If you request the staff , they will come to set up your garden and help deliver the products you bought from them.

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