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5 Budget Secret Santa Ideas For Everyone In The Office

Few things in life fill one with as much dread as buying a Secret Santa gift. You may pick your boss's name or worse still, the new intern; then, as usual, you forget all about it and spend all of Christmas Day trying to sneakily Dunzo something to the reception. Well, we're here to spare you the trouble of having to go through all that. Here's a list of budget-friendly gifts that will work for anyone, whether it's your work husband or the company CEO.

The office could certainly do with some more desk plants. And Aihikah's hand-painted planters that have Kawaii anime characters on them are great to lift everyone's spirits. Prices for these start from as low as INR 200, and you'll get them delivered straight to your doorstep!

Forget tanking Secret Santa. This one is going to make you the best gifter in the office, trust us. Whether it's punny greeting cards, notebooks, pop-culture-themed wallets, bookmarks and mug frames, you'll get all things cute and quirky here. And they're decently priced too!

Kitchenware such as half-coloured bowls, stationery for as low as INR 125..No, really. They have cow paperweights, notebooks with vintage floral patterns, pouches with tassel fittings and so on. You might even forget you're there to shop for someone else and end up hoarding some things you didn't know you needed!

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