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You Would Not Believe Your Eyes If 10 Million Fireflies Lit Up Your World At This Coorg Resort


Go on a 'firefly safari' at the Rainforest Retreat in Coorg, and spend your holiday close to nature.

What Makes It Awesome

An eco-resort and organic farm run by Sujata and Anurag Goel, the Rainforest Retreat is witness to an enchanting sight every April. Thousands of fireflies light up the entire valley once it gets dark, making it a truly breathtaking sight. The reason we're hyping so much is that this occurs only once a year and we're just in time for it this season! What starts off in small numbers by the end of March, eventually builds up to a dramatic climax by mid-April, as entire valleys twinkle in unison - it's like nature's very own discotheque!

If you're wondering why this happens only once a year, it's because the March blossoms inspire insects (including fireflies) to come out of hiding and mate. The activity dissipates by May, just in time for the monsoons, when the frog mating season takes place. Choose to either stay in rustic cottages or mud huts and tents, depending on your rough-it-out levels, and spend your holiday close to nature.

The best part? Everything is solar-powered, and there are no TVs or telephones in the room, so it's perfect for that digital detox (plus, nothing to distract you from that amazing firefly festival!). You don't have to be completely cut off from the world, though. They do have WiFi and charging points available in the common room area, so you can still WhatsApp in peace.


They have a crash course coming up in April, where you will be able to learn the basics of forest ecology through walks, exploration and casual discussions around the dining table. There are very few spots available, and the last date for booking is March 15.

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