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Looking For Hookah? Puff Away At These Lounges In Town

Longing to take a break and unwind but don’t want to do the same old pub-hopping routine? If you’re up for some hookah, there’s plenty for you to choose from. With happy hours, combos and even exciting flavours on offer, hit up a hookah bar in town.

Trying to do things differently, the hookah menu at this vast place off Cunningham Road (and HSR Layout, if that's closer) is interesting. Since you’re encouraged to take your time and enjoy the cocktails and food here, try as many flavours as you can — from mint, watermelon and cool lemon to the more exotic supari, Maghai pan and cigar.

Upbeat, fun and every bit quirky as you’d expect, The Open Box adds to its chill vibes with hookah. Mint, watermelon, green apple, cranberry there’s all sorts of flavours, and you get to pick it off a menu, that’s on an alcohol bottle. Yup, they’re setting the right mood. Since it’s a rooftop space, it’s our pick to enjoy an evening of bar nibbles, pool and sheesha.

A rooftop restaurant with splashes of colour adding to its cheery ambience, Kargeens is a favourite among sheesha lovers in the city. And, why not, when you get to pick from flavours like Kargeens Fruit Exotica to Orange and Apple? And, while you sit back, lost in a conversation with your buddies (and enjoying a smoke, of course), the staff will promptly refill your hookah dose and change the coals as well. And, there’s enough food to tuck into as well. Think a selection of wraps, sandwiches, pizzas and pastas.

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