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Vanilla, Jackfruit & Cheesecake: Bangalore's got ice-cream for all palates. Know the best places to grab the perfect scoop of ice-cream in Bangalore.

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Ever Tasted Ice Cream Dosa? Head To This Chaat Place For Their Chocolaty Version

Ten-Second Takeaway

A roadside cart located on RV Road, Amarnath Chats has earned a loyal following thanks to its innovative Ice Cream Dosa. Their crisped-up Masala Dosa and bhajjis make for delicious tea-time snacks too.

Bite The Ice!

When a little birdie told us that someone in the city was dishing out Ice Cream Dosas for a living, we had to try it out. While Amarnath Chats is a roadside cart, it’s not difficult to spot. Just drive down RV Road and you’ll see it right next to the Amaron Showroom {just before BHS School}. Open only in the evenings {after 6.30pm}, you’ll usually encounter a small crowd gathered at the stall. But service is super quick and, more importantly, the food’s hygienic.

The piece de resistance here is Ice Cream Dosa. Once your order it, they pour out a thin layer of batter on the sizzling stone stove. They then take a chunk of vanilla ice cream {from a small tub} and coat it on to the dosa. Last, they add a generous squirt of chocolate syrup and fry the dosa.

It’s served to you on a banana leaf along with the vanilla ice cream. The crisp dosa resembles a crepe but since it’s made from rice, it’s got a grainier texture. When you pair it with the ice cream, however, you tend to forget about this tiny flaw and it makes for a pleasurable eat. At the end of it, we realised that while we won’t rush back anytime soon, we’ll sure make a trip when we want to give our taste buds something to think about.

What Else Is On The Menu?

We also tried a plate of their chilli bhajjis and they were excellent. They had a golden, crispy coating of batter that let out a delicious crunch when we bit into it. We also loved the ghee-soaked Masala Dosa that was served up with a helping of lightly spiced potato sabzi. The cart also serves bondas and Chocolate Idlis.

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