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Boys, You Can Get A Trendy Hair Cut For Just INR 130 At This Salon In Koramangala


An INR 130 haircut, inclusive of L’Oreal shampoo + conditioning. Sweet deal, right? Only at Tulips Salon, Koramangala.

What Makes It Awesome

A haircut and a facial here will cost you INR 480. Need I say more, guys? If you don’t believe me, ask the numerous college students (Christ and JNC folks) who frequent this place regularly. In conclusion, you can save up on your grooming expenses by making this place your go-to salon. Oh and also, if you are a student, you can get a discount by showing your college ID.

Buzzcut, taper fade, undercut, pompadour or just a light trim — the styling game is strong with the experienced stylists here. I always go for a light trim and not once have I been disappointed with the cut. The stylists are quite friendly and rather than making you feel terrible about your hair’s condition, they tell you how to take care of your hair using homemade hacks. Turns out, only conditioning your hair after a shower makes it soft (applicable to only people blessed with thick, luscious curly hair). Also, none of their recommendations and hacks involve Schwarzkopf’s ridiculously expensive 10 ml serum that will leave your hair looking like a unicorn’s mane glistening under the moonlight.


The place is usually crowded between 5 pm and 7 pm with a wait time of about half hour. If you are in a rush, make sure you time yourself and go. Also, the minimum amount for card payment is INR 200.

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