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Cheeseburger, Butter Chicken & Pho: Satisfy Your Soul And Tummy With These Comfort Dishes

When everything seems lost, a plate of comforting food can always lift you. Whether it is a bowl of hot pho or roast chicken that’s still infused with the warmth of the grill, comfort food in Bangalore can take on many avatars. And while we have skipped the usual snacky numbers {like momos and fries}, these dishes should make your tummy sing.

When you wander down the roads of HSR Layout, you’ll come face to face with Mr. Wang, an affable chap, offering a friendly smile and bowls of thukpa. The soothing broth is crowded with chunks of chicken and fried up veggies. To ensure the thukpa is just the way you like it, you can ask Mr Wang to dial up the spices or add crunchy, fried up onions and he’ll happily oblige.

From America to Australia, the roast chicken is recognised as one of the best comfort foods known to mankind. At Portland, you can dig into a juicy hunk of chicken that’s coated in a piri-piri glaze before it is grilled. It’s accompanied by a portion of equally comforting fries.

Comforting and easy on the pocket, this popular restaurant offers plenty that’ll satisfy your soul. Topping the list is the All American Cheeseburger where the plump, lamb {or chicken} patty oozes cheese and sits between two, downy buns.

One of Bangalore’s cheesiest dishes, the Mac N Cheese at this beloved brewery has the power to put you in a damn good mood even after a bad day. The classic version has four types of cheese that mingle with the macaroni along with herbs and toasted breadcrumbs. If you prefer decadence, then, the Frenchie {bacon, emmental cheese} and Gourmet {truffle mushroom mix, emmental, and herbs} versions should work splendidly.

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