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India's First And Only Music Museum And Experience Centre Is FINALLY Open To Public Starting TODAY

If there's one things that Bangalore loves it's music. Well, and beer, but mostly music. So it was only natural that the country's first and only music museum was to be set up on Namma Bengaluru. While the space is already open for the cafe, a few musical events and amazing art installations that double up and music instruments, the project, an effort by the Indian Music Experience Trust, that’s made up of music lovers from across the city, along with the Brigade Group, is modelled around the Museum of Pop Culture (also known as the Experience Music Project) in Seattle.

Officially opening on December 13, 2018, you can look forward to plenty of interactive experiences, that day onward. This will also be one of the rare museums where you will be encouraged to touch and feel things instead of just viewing it studiously from a distance. And don't worry if you've always been told you have strange taste in music. This place is for music lovers of all kinds of genres, and will explore the history behind plenty of iconic songs and music makers.

Prices for the whole experience start at INR 150 for kids and senior citizens, INR 250 for adults and INR 500 for foreign nationals. 

Read more about this fabulous space here.

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