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Have Dinner In The Sky At This Restaurant That Flies Over The City


Bangalore has finally got fly dining in town, thanks to Jumpking. Quite literally, this experiential restaurant let's you wine and dine in the sky, suspended at 50 feet above the air! 

What Makes It Awesome

Yup! You read that right! Fly Dining, a global food and experience service, brought to Bangalore by Jumpking, offers diners the chance to have a meal in the sky. Quite literally, as the table for 22 is held up buy a crane, easily 50 metres over the ground! For the first time in Bangalore, you should try this one too. With a platform fitted with a centre table, with 22 seats around it, the Fly Dine, you'll have a staff of four serving you drinks and food from a set menu.

While we don't know much about the food yet, we hear it's mostly Indian, with kebabs dominating. Although we're pretty sure that the experience is so spectacular, the actual meal may not matter! Apparently the Nagawara Lake and the Karle township are the backdrop for this sky-high experience, and looks gorgeous from up there. Available to book out for a party, an impressive business lunch or for just change from the on-ground restaurants. We're hoping there will be at least a few proposals too! 


Fly Diner prices their meals at INR 6,999 per person for a set menu of drinks and food. If that's too steep, then pick the INR 3,999 for a mocktail and starters between 4pm and 7pm, in 45 minute slots. Oh! Also there are no loos up there!

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