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Looking For Vegetarian, Asian Bowls & Hotpots In Jayanagar? We Found Just The Place

Ten-Second Takeaway

Patio 805 is Jayanagar’s newest vegetarian address. Expect vegetarian stir fries, bowls, curries and hot pots. Plus a smattering of Vietnamese specials including the famous filter coffee.

Asia In A Bowl

If you didn’t know this already — Jayanagar is the new Indiranagar in the making. With artisan coffee shops, health cafes, new restaurants and Chinese brands opening shop in this residential neighbourhood, what it was missing till now is an Asian eating out option. Patio 805 (owned by the same folks as Hanoi) is offering Asian vegetarian options to Jayanagar folks who possibly prefer being a vegetarian.

Located right next to Starbucks on 4th Block, the restaurant is airy, full of greenery and an illusion of space is created because of big glass windows. We arrived here one afternoon and the restaurant was packed with ladies who lunch, office goers and families. We started off with a Vietnamese filter coffee served with condensed milk and ice cubes. The coffee here is brought from Vietnam; much like Hanoi, there are options of Thai iced tea, coconut coffee and siphon coffee too. The Vietnamese coffee here is pretty authentic and they also have a page full of mocktails if you are interested.

Of Curries And Bowls

We tried Vegetable Fritters On Sugarcane Sticks and the Crispy Wok Tossed Mushroom as starters. The sugarcane skewer starter is actually a popular Vietnamese appetiser and usually everything from minced chicken to prawn (chao tam) is moulded around sweet sugarcane stick and then deep fried to deliciousness. This vegetarian version came with a mix of carrots, cauliflower, tofu, beans moulded around the stick and deep fried. We found the mince to be bland and it lacked anything fragrant like garlic or lemongrass. Also a piquant and spicy dip might have perked this starter up than the sticky sweet one it was served with. The wok-tossed batter mushrooms were quite tasty and we finished them in no time. We followed this up with the Vietnamese rice rolls stuffed with rice, cucumber, beans and other veggies and loved this fresh and summery roll which we dipped into a piquant dipping sauce.

For mains, we tried the Vietnamese Asian Noodle bowl — deep fried crunchy noodles topped with a Vietnamese-style soya based sauce and lots of vegetables. We loved this hearty bowl, which thankfully wasn’t sweet and the portions were generous and can be shared between two easily. But we would say save space for the Vietnamese curry, a lovely fragrant broth flavoured with Vietnamese curry powder (brought from Vietnam apparently), lemongrass and coconut milk. The curry went so well with the sticky coconut rice — a really fragrant number cooked in coconut milk and tossed with butter and veggies.

We are not fans of South East Asian desserts (no tapioca or agar agar for us), but you should definitely end your meal here with Patio 805’s Fig and Red wine ice cream, made in house. We caught bits of fig in the ice cream and the hint of red wine was unmistakeable too. We also tried the chocolate chilli flavour but missed the hint of heat in it.

So, We're Saying...

Vegetarians looking to try Asian food without worrying about animal stock or fish sauce, this is where you need to head to. We would however, love a bit of spice in the food in general and we need to go back in a bigger number to try their hotpots (especially the khimchi one).