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Golden Hour, Aperture Settings And Photo Editing: Ace Them Photography Skills With These Classes

Owning a DSLR is one thing and clicking that perfect shot is an entirely different thing. But hey, luckily for you, we’ve narrowed down some pros in the field of photography to help you out. These photography workshops and classes in Bangalore will teach everyday people as well as all you budding Annie Leibovitzes and Ansel Adamses the real and easy ways to click a great photograph. With simple, fun, and hands-on learning, pick up everything from using the camera the right way to understand photo editing programs, and composing those incredible Life/Nat Geo-level photographs.

Anand Sharan conducts two types of photography workshops – basic and fashion photography. The basic photography workshop is spread over two weekends and comes with five sessions where you will learn technical aspects of photography to how to shoot portraits using a multi-flash light setup in a professional studio. Once the workshop is over, you are probably going to feel like Steve Curry. The other workshop is a two-day weekend workshop on Portrait and Fashion Photography. The workshop is designed for aspiring fashion photography professionals who know the basics of still photography. Secrets of studio lighting to model shoots, this workshop covers all.

Price: INR 6,000 for basic photography and to register for the fashion workshop and basic photography, send a mail to

Apart from renting out cameras, Toe Hold also regularly conducts their The Art and Science of Photography Workshop. It’s one of those beginner courses that are apt for anyone new to the world of DSLR photography. No more of what ISO to shoot in during low-light and definitely no more of using the ‘Auto’ mode in your DSLR as well. Metering, bracketing, and all those technical terms that might confuse the living daylights out of you will be covered as well, so yay for that. Post the workshop, any and every query that you have are most likely to be cleared. If not, don’t worry, these guys also have dedicated post-workshop outreach programmes that will help you out.

Price: INR 6,900. You can register for the workshop here.

Basic Photography, Post Production, and Creative Lighting are the three courses that Lightdots offer. The best part is you can take a combination of these workshops which are three hours long. If you are going for just Basic Photography, it’s a four-day class foundation course that will have you learning everything from exposure to using a macro lens. Post Production will have you learning all about using Adobe Lightroom, while Creative Lighting is all about usage and techniques behind strobe and flashlights.

Price: INR 1,200 for Post Production, INR 1,900 Creative Lighting, and INR 3,900 for Basic Photography. You can register here.

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