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10 Gift Shops In The City You Can Always Rely On For The Perfect Gift

Whelp.. It's happened again. You're awfully late for buying that perfect gift - plus, it's suddenly much more overwhelming to think of what to get. If you're running dry on ideas, don't stress - you've come to the right place. We've rounded up a list of gift shops in the city you can always turn to and be everybody's favourite person. Never again will you have to go through the awkward I-didn't-get-you-a-gift moment that all mortals fear.

Did you say last minute? Just head to Happy Wagon (or order from their online store, if you don't have a Whitefield visa) and shop for quirky and cute merch starting from INR 150. From adorable Alicia Souza mugs, badges, handbags, wallets and tees to Katie Abey's on-point sarcastic and punny cards and fridge magnets, there's no dearth of options to choose from. You might even forget you're there to shop for someone else and end up hoarding some of their ankle-length socks for yourself (they feature unicorns and sloths!).

Looking like it's straight out of Diagon Alley in Harry Potter, Asiatic Arts And Crafts in Commercial Street is crammed with antiques that seem like they're from a history book. For that friend with spy-level instincts or your self-proclaimed history buff sibling, you'll find magnifying glasses that look like they once belonged to Sherlock Holmes, vintage telescopes perfect for stargazing and old-school cameras with leather bags.

A treasure trove of vintage knick-knacks, curios, home decor options and collectibles, The Vintage Lifestyle is a little away from the city but well worth the trek. Find here shelves lined with pocket watches, compasses, knives (there's quite a collection that'll make your food blogger friend's day), brassware and odd curios like decorative pieces made from animal bones, souvenir spoons, and smoking pipes. Check out the gramophones and vinyl records of Mukesh and Rafi, in case you want to gift them to a classics fan.

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