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Have you noticed, that even women who love to overshare for the most part turn mum when you ask them about a good tailor? Good tailors who know can sew up magic and give you custom-fitted clothes that fit perfectly are a rarity and we don’t blame you if you don’t want to share your favourite Master’s name. But we are not like that. We love to share and so, here, we give you a list of boutiques and neighbourhood tailors who do a stellar job of putting together salwar suits, blouses, dresses, and pants. You can thank us now!

Recommended For: Blouses for every occasion – from simple cuts to ones with fancy bead, embroidery, and stonework (he’ll whip out his iPad and show you all the designs you can choose from). Also, their gorgeously put together lehengas. We once spotted one with made with different kinds of lace and we couldn’t take our eyes off it. You will have to get your own fabric. You can even source trinkets from the nearby Surya Emporium to jazz up your blouse. If there is an occasion that you need the blouse for, then make sure you give it to him at least 15 days ahead. And a couple of days before delivery, call him and let him know when you’ll be dropping by so that you can get your blouse in time.

Recommended For: His uncanny ability to copy designs, you’ll walk out with a designer blouse without shelling out a bomb. Bring your own fabric and they'll create a look that'll turn heads. If you ask them nicely and bring an easy enough design, they’ll even stitch you a killer dress.

Recommended For: Helmed by budding designer, Shraddha Sontakke, Arshvi is a stellar Commercial Street find. Those of you on the lookout for the perfect blouse can get a custom-made one here and they'll even embellish it with embroidery and stone work. Their lehengas are top notch as well. You can bring your design and they'll bring it or life or they'll even design the lehenga from scratch and source fabric for it. 

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