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You'll Love This Knitwear Label's Pastel Pullovers And Jackson Pollock-style Cushion Covers


Auve Guva will get you winter-ready with their collection of sweaters and pullovers, while their all-weather options such as cardigans and scarves are perfect to up your look. Plus, there's also cushion covers! 

What Makes It Awesome

Auve Gava, which means Mother's Love in the native Badaga language in Nilgiris, is a label that creates designer and classic knitwear for kids and adults along with a selection of home furnishing. The brand works with the womenfolk in the Nilgiris in creating the wearables that are made from sustainable sourced yarns and material. 

Sweaters, shawls, pullovers, cardigans, overcoats, scarves, and beanies are what you can pick up. We are particularly leaning towards the sweaters and pull-overs that are in shades of brown, pink, blue, and white. Cardigans for men come in sleeveless options too. You can upgrade your basic jeans and tee look with a cream cardigan or a blue sweater. 

The home collection consists of cushion covers and blankets and throws. You get the cushion covers in basic white, brown, and grey along with brighter shades of pink and blue. The designs are minimalistic and we love the Jackson Pollock-like yarn patterns in the multi-coloured covers. 

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