Farm To Kitchen: Stock Up Your Kitchen With Organic Products From This Brand

    What Makes It Awesome

    Organic food and spices are trending and for all the right reasons. Stock up your pantry with organic produce from Taru Naturals. Taru Naturals works with small scale farmer communities and provides us with organic and fair trade products as flour, rice, spice & herbs, and sweeteners among others. Looking for a healthy breakfast alternative? Worry not! Taru Naturals has got you covered. Find vegan buckwheat pancake mix, moong dal cheela pre-mix, jowar flakes, vegan black rice pancake mix, and millet muesli among others. Add flours like quinoa flour, ragi atta, red rice flour, and black rice flour to your diet. 

    Also, find organic heirloom rice such as Assam black rice, wild Indrayani rice, and red rice to name a few at Taru Naturals. Replace your normal sugar with natural sweeteners such as jaggery and khandsari sugar. They also have jaggery powder sachets and blocks which you can use for travel and at home respectively. Shop for organic spices and herbs as well as the Bhut Jolokia Naga Chili and make cooking fun. They have a whole range of immunity teas, turmeric latte mix, organic honey, and peanut butter that you can shop for. You can check out their website or order directly from LBB Shop.