Meet the Bangalore Crew

Amrita Bose, Editor

Amrita Bose Editor LBB

Cat lady, mommy to a feisty one year old and hoarder of cookbooks and indie magazines, Amrita is also the Editor of Little Black Book Bangalore. When this former Editor of Time Out Bangalore is not eating or cooking or reading about cooking and eating, she can be found planning her next meal or streaming the newest crime show on TV.

Aakanksha Devi, Deputy Editor


Mildly addicted to shoes, sunglasses, sports and the television, Aakanksha, Senior Editor at Little Black Book Bangalore, is a fulltime dreamer with a weakness for food and travel. If she isn’t dancing, bungee jumping, or singing retro tunes, she’s likely to be curled up on a bean bag reading everything from Stephen King to Harry Potter.

Contributing to LBB

Navya D’Souza

Navya Writer LBB

Navya considers herself to be the Cassandra of the 21st century – no one ever listens to the wisdom that she so willingly imparts. This is the only Greek tragedy element in her otherwise happy life. She’s got her Husband Charming, has perfected the art of sarcasm, is always fed copious amounts of good food, and is well on her way to self-actualization.

Maegan Dobson Sippy


A freelance writer and social media consultant, Maegan came to India for a short term project in 2010, but never left. For the last three years she’s been living in Bangalore with her husband and cat, and can usually be found baking, reading children’s books or writing about the city she now calls home.

Bijal Vachharajani


When Bijal Vachharajani is not reading Harry Potter, she can be found looking for tigers in the jungles of India and writing about kid-lit. She is the former editor of Time Out Bangalore and is now a consultant with Fairtrade India.

Shefali Rao

Shefali Rao Writer LBB

Having eaten her way through almost every culinary haunt in Bangalore, Shefali has now set her sights on New York’s endless offerings. Emoji-abuser and flaneur, this self-described, Socially Awkward Penguin, when not reading or binge-watching Netflix, is usually catching up with friends.