Ten Types of People You'll Meet at NH7 Weekender

Namrata posted on 26 November


The Bacardi NH7 Weekender is one of the happiest festivals of the year and it’s also the most diverse. We’re usually not for generalising, but no harm when it’s all in good fun, si? Here’s our list.

PS: We only speak in jest.

The Woo Girls

Yes, we’re borrowing from How I Met Your Mother mostly because they hit the nail on the head. These girls are ecstatic about being at the festival, have probably heard only one song by most of the artists and will tell anyone who’s willing to listen about how good life is. They also don floral headgear, sit on people’s shoulders and demand attention.

What they might refer to themselves as: Fashion Bloggers

The Wipeouts

These people are usually the most excited about the festival and the paraphernalia that goes with and yes, will forget to pace the intake of dat giggle juice. You’ll quite possibly find them passed out in a godforsaken corner {if you ever find them at all} or if you’re unlucky enough to be their BFFL, you’ll be holding them up while trying to get five minutes of decent music in.

What they might refer to themselves as: Sober

The Car Bar Cartel

This group, usually a group of men in their late 20’s, have one aim no matter where they go – to inhale as much alcohol as humanly possible. They’re far more interested in the high than in the music, hell, they probably just need a different setting for their daily drink. Don’t expect them to get out of the car.

What they might refer to themselves as: Tipplers

The Picnic Enthusiasts

Travelling in packs, these folks are usually large {or small} families who flit from event to event, regardless of what it is. It’s also most likely they won’t have a clue about any of the music and will roam about in awe, looking lost. They usually provide big business to the food stalls.

What they might refer to themselves as: Modern family

The Mosh Masters

Bangalore loves its heavy metal and loves head banging to it. Say the words ‘mosh pit’ and you’re likely to see people falling over each other to get in on the action. They’ll start no matter where they are, what music is actually playing and will cause injury to at least ten innocent bystanders. Look alive or you could be one of them.

What they might refer to themselves as: Metalheads

The Blazed Blankets

Possibly the chillest group of the lot, all they want is a little space for their blanket and lots of peace. Conversation will comprise understated grunting and hand gesturing, with a few strains of ‘puff, puff, pass”. Do they enjoy the music? Most definitely.

What they might refer to themselves as: Trippin’

The Fun Suckers

These people have a point to prove, and they’re going to talk your ear off no matter what you do. Expect {practiced} offhand facts about a band’s history, some obscure award references from back when they were probably too young to do anything but gurgle, and smug pop-quiz questions. They’re there to educate you – believe us, they spent all year cramming.

What they might refer to themselves as: The Biggest Fans

The Free- Spirited Couples

Oh, haven’t we all been scarred for life by one of these? They will stand directly in your line of vision and bump, grind or try to get it on in the middle of the crowd. Most likely to forget where they are; run as far away from one of these pairs if you can.

What they might refer to themselves as: Babe {when they come up for air}

The Creepers

Mostly males {sorry, but let’s be real}, these ones are there to stare at all the ladies. They make people uncomfortable; the music doesn’t matter to them and drink a lot to make matters worse. If you spot one of these, turn in the opposite direction and keep walking.

What they might refer to themselves as: Nice guys

The Lives of the Party

These folks are uncharacteristically high on life. They’ll try anything once because it’s a festival whether that’s certain {ahem} substances, outlandish garb or anything neon. They can be an absolute treat or out of control. It’s a fine line.

What they might refer to themselves as: Adventurous

The Shutterbugs

We’ve all seen them- the dudes and dudettes who absolutely must document their entire experience. They’ll watch all the sets through their screens and possibly develop an arm ache. That doesn’t stop them though. Long live Instagram.

What they might refer to themselves as: Nothing. Don’t you know a picture is worth a thousand words?