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Elon Musk Says Tesla Set To Launch In India & Singapore

Tech posted on 28 April

Hours before Tesla’s Elon Musk unveiled the “affordable” all-electric Model 3 sedan, the CEO took to Twitter to say that the company is heading into some new markets.

It’s Tesla’s first time taking orders for its cars in India, Singapore, New Zealand, and South Korea. The Model 3 order page will be updated soon to allow people in those countries to order the new car, Musk said. It has taken over 115,000 orders, requiring a $1,000 deposit for the junior Tesla model.

There are no details yet on Tesla’s plan for dealerships or charging stations in India and those other new markets. The Model 3 will be delivered to those with reservations starting in late 2017. Onstage at the Model 3 event in Los Angeles, Musk said he’s “fairly confident” the new sedan, which starts at US$35,000, will ship next year.

That gives the US-based company close to two years to expand its network.

Musk said that Tesla plans to double the number of Supercharger stations next year and quadruple its destination chargers available to Tesla owners. It also plans to open a lot more service centres globally, going from the current 251 to 441 in time for the Model 3 going on sale to the public.

Tesla’s arrival in Singapore comes weeks after a businessman detailed his bureaucratic nightmare importing a Tesla Model S into Singapore. He’s believed to be the only Tesla owner in the country.






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This article originally appeared in Tech In Asia.