The Culinary Social For Food Tripping Adventures

Roshni posted on 16 May


Combining travel and food, The Culinary Social offers you a bespoke holiday experience, with plenty of special activities and customised features as well.

Holiday In Style

While travelling certainly opens you up to different cultures, food and experiences, how do you {especially first-time visitors} figure out where to get the best of these in a strange, new country? That’s where The Culinary Social comes into the picture. Promising you a bespoke travel experience with a focus on food, the Mumbai-based startup organises trips to exotic holiday spots like Hong Kong, Cambodia and Morocco. Letting you have a go at the best of local and fine dining in these places, they also include unique activities from the area. Founded by three travel and food enthusiasts {who call themselves curators}, Ricky Barot, Dhaval Udeshi and Shaival Chandra, the venture is barely three months old and is all set to fly off on its first trip in July, to Hong Kong.

Apart from a fixed itinerary for a group of 12 travellers {from anywhere in the world}, they also have the option of customised trips for groups of 6-8 {thinking of a getaway with your gang of buddies?}. So, you get to tell them the kind of holiday and experiences you’re looking for. They are also up for themed tours {corporate trips, bachelorette parties and family trips}. From providing a SIM card and interactions with the locals,  to covering all logistics-related details, these guys have it all covered.

Hong Kong Calling

Wondering what the bespoke experience includes? For instance, their itinerary for the upcoming seven-day Hong Kong trip includes a stay in Upper House, a luxurious five-star hotel in the city. You get to taste some of the best local dishes, enjoy meals at Michelin-starred restaurants {including the globally acclaimed Italian restaurant, 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA}, have some of the world’s best mixologists whip up cocktails for you and let your hair down at high-energy parties at some of the best nightclubs in the city. Some pampering at the Zero Gravity Floatation Spa, salsa classes, and cooking classes on a boat are also on the cards.

Always ready to customise according to the travellers’ preferences, they will change up the itinerary if you have something else in mind. Want to make a quick trip to Macau from Hong Kong? Consider it done, they say! With trips to Cambodia, Dubai and Morocco coming up next, they hope to cover atleast 50 countries in the next two years. So, what’s the wait? Pack your bags already!

Price: Differs according to budget, number of days and location

Contact: +91 9820052945

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