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This Micro Roastery In Koramangala Will Help You Make Your Own Cold Brew At Home


    Koramangala’s The Flying Squirrel has come up with an ingenious plan — to get us coffee crazy folks enthusiastic enough to make our own cold brew at home. Their new Cold Brew blend, just needs chilled water, a refrigerator and patience!

    This Is Giving Us The Chills And The Thrills

    Truth be told, I will go anywhere for a good coffee and so when I got an invite to try out micro roastery & cafe The Flying Squirrel’s new cold brew blend, I was excited. A recent trip to Mumbai had seen me chugging cold brews like nobody’s business, every morning at Bandra cafes.  A cold brew is when coffee is brewed in cold or room temperature and allowed to steep for  overnight or more. The brew is much more toned down than a regular hot cuppa, but it is not less aromatic or flavourful. Best drunk icy cold, you can also mix milk, sugar or condensed milk. Vegans, you can even add coconut, almond or soya milk to this brew.

    Brew Me Up A Storm

    While The Flying Squirrel does give you the option of trying out the cold brew at their cafe, they have made life much more easier by creating a blend, which can be ordered online or even bought from the cafe. The cold brew blend created uses a medium to medium light roasted coffee and is a mix of the brand’s Honey Sun Dried Arabica with Arabica Peaberry to give it a bit of texture and coarseness. It is then ground to a certain consistency {a few levels finer than a French press grind} so that it best suits this method of brewing.

    Over a session we learnt the difference between a hot brew and a cold brew, tasted it to see how the flavour profiles are so different depending on the brewing method. I found the cold brew to be much less acidic than the hot version. We also tried foods such as a cold salad with buckwheat noodles and pickled vegetables, or a millet lasagne stuffed with spinach and mushrooms, to see how the cold brew worked with these dishes.

    House Special

    The recipe of cold brew is actually so simple that even a lazy person like me, who’d have it bottled and delivered to me, decided to have a go at it. All you need is a big glass bowl {glass preferably over other mediums}, a fine muslin cloth to let the coffee steep through and chilled water. The proportion of coffee to water should be 1 is to 4, but if you are as bad at Math as me, just go by instinct. I took about two tablespoons of coffee and topped it with a bottle of chilled water, covered and refrigerated it for over 13 hours. The next day I poured the brew through the cloth and my cold brew was ready. You might need to tinker the proportions according to your taste and how light or strong you like your coffee.

    I found my brew to be smooth and very refreshing. Since then I am a convert about making my own brew and even bring a bottle of it to work often.