Ten-Second Takeaway

Colonial cottages, terraced architecture and a stunning view from every window you peek out of – The Gateway in Chikmagalur work for relaxation, rejuvenation and plenty of swimming.

Terraced Living

While we get that rustic living and roughing it out is quite the in thing, who doesn’t love that hint of luxury? Slotting itself neatly between the oh-so-expensive and the let’s-go-camping categories, The Gateway in Chikmagalur bridges the gap in terms of price and setting. With the little town on on side, and glorious plantations on the other, this one is a terraced format — from the reception right at the top petering down to the very tempting swimming pool. Tiled on the outside and thatched on the insides, we really love how the architecture is striking but not intrusive — a blend of traditional and modern. Of course, very Indian ornaments and decor {like solid brass urulis and lamps} add a traditional touch.

Coffee In Bed

chikmagalur the gateway hotel

Source: The Gateway Hotels & Resorts

Check into one of the two options here – pool view rooms or cottages. Don’t blindly pick the cottages, though. They do have their own charm, especially if privacy is your main priority. What with private balconies, a wonderful garden to look over and Eucalyptus trees to keep you company as you sip on top-notch filter coffee, you’ll be quite at home. But, if you can forgo the balcony, the rooms come with a pool view, a view of the gardens and if you can swing a key to one of the rooms of the higher terraces, then the endless lands are yours for the taking. So, we’ll pick the rooms, thank you! Plus, it’s easier to just roll out of bed, into the swimming pool and then onto breakfast just next door!

On The Trail

chikmagalur the gateway hotel

Source: The Gateway Hotels & Resorts

Since you’re in a coffee county, it goes without saying that you must do a plantation walk. It also doubles up as a bird watching session and it’s impossible to not spot exotic birds in such a setting. Cuckoos, Drongos, Ibis, Darters and Herons are popular here. Do look out for owls post dusk – they are intimidatingly beautiful. When you’re back from your hike, watch the sun set at the pool deck over a whiskey or a filter coffee {we recommend the latter}. Then take the party indoors to the Mukwada bar, for a game of pool and drinkies. Main meals are at Peaberry. While the restaurant does have a vast a la carte menu, as well as a buffet, skip it entirely in favour of Gateway’s Regional-Style Cooking concept. You’ll be served the best the region has to offer, in traditional flavours and styles of cooking. Plus, locally sourced ingredients so it really is authentic.

Where: Jyoti Nagar Post,  Chikmagalur

Price: INR 8,000 upwards per room

Contact: +91 8262660661

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Featured image via: The Gateway Hotels & Resorts