Cream Cheese Brownies To Madeleines: You'll Love This Home Bakery's French Desserts


    Give the sweet tooth a good French pampering by hitting up The Motley Crew, a Bangalore-based bakery that makes drool-worthy French desserts and cakes too.

    Hit The Sweet Spot

    We love us some sugar, so we’re constantly on the lookout for where our next sugar rush is coming from. And we think we’ve found the perfect sweet spot with The Motley Crew. A made-to-order bakery, this one specialises in French desserts and has some truly delectable options on offer {just take a look at their Facebook feed here if you don’t believe us}. Their Cheese Cream Brownies sell like hotcakes  {see what we did there?} and their banana bread is a crowd favourite too. They try to keep their menu unique and there’s plenty that you won’t find at other patisseries all that easily. Like their French-style Madeleines, which are tiny sponge cakes that look like shells. Run by a bunch of friends out of a CV Nagar home, the baker Sneha Alex is professionally trained at Le Cordon Bleu, so you know their bakes are legit. And they also promise to use the freshest of ingredients and have a strict no fondant policy {we were never a fan anyway}.

    Celebrate With Cake

    What’s a celebration without cake? So whether it’s a pal’s birthday or your anniversary coming up, you got to get hooked up with a cake from these guys. They are up for all kinds of customisations, from flavours to design. Their chocolate ganache is a hit with their patrons, but if you’re not much of a chocolate person, they’ve got some yummy lemon filling you can go for instead. Priced at INR 900 for a kilogram of cake and upwards, it all depends on the amount of customisation you’re looking for. And do give them a week’s notice, so they can give it their best shot. As for their other dessert, ordering them a day prior should be fine, and a batch of nine cream cheese brownies will set you back by INR 550.