This Online Brand’s Offerings Multitask As Furniture And Space For Your Kitty To Curl Up


Newly-launched, The Object Store in an online brand that sells functional furniture that’s perfect for urban homes. Their pet cribs especially are a must-have.

In My Crib

New on the block, The Object Store is an online furniture store that operates out of Mumbai {they ship everywhere though}. They look to marry good design with affordable prices. And one look at their budding website and you know they’ve nailed the brief. What we loved about the offerings are that they are minimalist yet stylish. And the designs are perfect for compact homes where there’s little space for bulky furniture and fittings.

We suspect that their Pet Grooves and Pet Cribs are going to be on top of the popularity charts very soon. Both, function as side tables {for the living room or your bedroom} but instead of the routine shelves, the middle bit is carved out to make a cosy nap space for your kitty or your little doggy. Prices are between INR 7,500 – INR 9,000.

Wood Works

The website also lists a range of other wooden creations. The flip table has a unique design and features slanting wood slabs. There’s also a flex table that’s perfect for those of you who love to work from your couch. It’s made from teak and, we think, is a good deal at INR 4,500. You can also pick up clocks, with wooden accents, mirrors, and kitchen racks from here. There are also tic-tac-toe tables for a quick game over coffee, and a beehive puzzle top table for added entertainment too. 

Check out the website here.