Don't Stop Beleafing: This Insta Planter Store Is Home Decor Goals

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The Plant Page

What Makes It Awesome

Just think about it. They’re chic, they’re eco-friendly and they purify the air. These are reasons enough to keep a house plant, we think. So, when we chanced upon The Plant Page on Instagram, we just went a little nuts. For starters, they have the loveliest collection of ceramic and terracotta pots (we even saw one shaped like a shoe). Plus, for an online store that’s only 6 months old, they have quite a good range of indoor and outdoor plants. We nearly bought some to keep on our desk, too.

The best part is that the prices here are fairly reasonable. A basic plant here starts from INR 250 and the most expensive one they have at the moment costs INR 800. Finally, a budget plant store! The best part is that they also customize planters. We spotted planters shaped like dogs, pencils and even deer. Delivery may take up to 1 week within the city. If it’s something you require urgently, they can get it delivered to you on that day itself. They also do bulk orders and party favours!


If you just want to buy the ceramic pots, The Plant Page sells those separately as well.