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Spruce Up Your Home With These Adorable Miniature Gardens

    What Makes It Awesome

    Cards, flowers and mixtapes are a thing of the past. Now if you want to bid goodbye to a colleague, wish your friend on their birthday or give your parents something special, a plant does more than most. Especially if they're tiny, cute miniature gardens like the ones The Purple Unikorn makes. The idea of the brand, according to Shakti (the owner), is to make something special for each customer. Whether your kids want a Santa Claus themed garden for the season, or you want to get a miniature puppy garden in remembrance of your long lost Lab, they'll do it all.

    Some of our favourite pieces were a tiny bathtub planter that had a happy Rottweiler in it and a miniature garden in a teacup. Prices are fairly reasonable too, ranging from INR 500 to INR 1,500 at max. And since it's the season of gifting, you might as well place an order here and offer your friends some green surprises! To place an order, just DM The Purple Unikorn on Instagram and they'll take it forward from there!


    Delivery may take up to a week or two.