If you’ve got kids at home, on holiday, driving you up the wall {obviously we mean innocently wandering about the house}, pack them off to the care of Shivangini Parihar and Rekha Datla. The two lovely ladies who are the founders and curators at The Summer House, the slow-fashion apparel and décor house, are hosting your tykes for A Gathering of Innocence, a craft workshop.

Mini creators

Helmed by Datla, the session will see kids making things like toys, without the use of machines, from scratch. Think aeroplanes, ships and houses out of cardboard boxes and buntings out of scraps of fabrics. The idea is to get your moppets to reimagine things at hand, and use them to create new products. Designed to be fun enough even for easily distracted, high-energy kids, you can rest assured they’ll come back with a new talent and something to show! And if your kids are not convinced, tell them there’ll be lemonade and cake!

Where: The Summer House, 6th Cross, 7th Block, Jayanagar West

When: October 31, ages 5 to 9

Contact: +91 9845694480

Price: INR 500

Limited spots so register quickly here.