The Scoop

Called On The Road, Bangalore-based clothing and lifestyle brand, The Summer House’s new collection is all about forgiving silhouettes, breezy fabric and a minimal aesthetic. Oh and it’s also about hitting the road in your comfortable best.

The Style

Expect tunics, maxi dresses, strappy and boxy tops, and simple blouses, mostly made out of cotton with some pieces fashioned out of tencel. Everything is anti-fit and the aesthetic is slightly retro.

What We Love

on the road collection from the summer house

Source: The Summer House

We love the fact that they are bringing back some old school looks such as delicate blouses {check out the Corso and Burroughs styles}, boat necks and kimono sleeves {Bronce dress} and pleats {the Kyger dress}. But our favourite is the easygoing tunic, fittingly called Kerouac, actually the entire collection is named after Jack Kerouac’s iconic novel On The Road.

So, We’re Thinking…

While the prices have dropped significantly, vis-à–vis their last two collections {yay!}, we just wish The Summer House’s lovely clothes would be more inclusive of women of all sizes. Here’s hoping they are listening to us and will surprise us in their next collection. Plus, did we mention a new kids collection coming up soon too?

Price: INR 1,400-INR 2,800

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