Stay Home, Do This: Here Are The Top Five Things For You To Do When At Home

In the wake of the Corona Virus, and the rather scary spread of Corvid 19, we’re here to tell you for the first time, to Stay Home, Do This. As a safer, more sensible version in current time of Go Here Do This, we’ll ensure you’re still as amused about things around you, even if it means staying home. So, here are the top five things for you to do at home in Bangalore! But before you get started on anything, we suggest, and so does the WHO, to wash you hands clean.

We're Back With Events

Check out our new, improved, and stay-at-home version of the events. Yes. Social distancing shouldn't mean you don't have fun right? Whether it's doodling and mandalas or dance classes and mental health series, we've got it all, AND you can attend them at home (bedroom, hall, balcony, garden - anywhere your heart desires!)

Update Your Reading Lists

If you need some time away from the screen and need to get back into reading from regular books but can't seem to find any, don't worry! Bookstores across town - Goobe's, Bookworm, Champaca, and Lightroom are all delivering to you! Call them up, ask for what you're looking for, and if they have it, just Dunzo it! If it's super close to where you live, put on a mask, gloves, and carry a sanitiser and go pick it up after paying online. 

Feel Free To Order In

No Matter which part of the city you're in, you have a favourite spot for those days you're craving something specific. This is how we feel about ghee soaked dosasa from Vidhyarthi Bhavan, Pizzas from Brik Oven, and  Glass Noodle Salad from Misu. They're all delivering through food delivery platforms. Check out our Delivering Now section, with all the fine establishments that are now delivering home!

Shop On LBB

So you know you can buy clothing, accessories, and gifts from LBB from Indie brands (and now you can pre-order them too to support small brands), but did you also know that you can get masks, sanitisers, skincare, and snacks too? No, really. Your stay-at-home game will be elevated! From natural skin care options, to popcorn, coffee, and juice for movie and Facetime gossip sessions, they're available! 

Help A Local Business

All your favourite brands are currently struggling to make ends meet. If there's any in Bangalore that you love, feel free to buy a gift card in their name. Once they're open for business, you can redeem 100% of that amount there, and they get the full amount! Even if not for yourself, it's a great option for people who might have a birthday any time this year. Then no stress about shopping or getting out of home even. Win-win-win! To buy a gift card, go here. If there's a brand you think should benefit from this, send them this