Seven Amazing Things We Have Discovered So Far In 2018

Sreepathy posted on 26 April

Whether you are a foodie, a culture buff or an outdoor nut, there’s plenty for you to do in and around Bangalore. For instance, did you know Bangalore’s home to the country’s apparent first-of-its-kind Nutella-themed cafe? And did you know that you can stay in transparent igloo tent in the misty hills of Ooty? If you didn’t you need to be reading our list of the coolest and the most awesome things we have discovered so far in 2018. Once you are done reading, save it, share it, and make sure you go discover these for yourselves as well!

Bangalore's First Cafe Dedicated To Pugs

You read that right. Let’s PUG is a cafe in Indiranagar that’s dedicated to the Hutch (or Vodafone) doggo! For an hour and a half, you can spend time with squishy pugs named Tuffy, Tequila, Remo, Jin, Notty, Vodka, and Puffy who will do anything in their paws to ‘awww’tack you for some cuddle, ruffle and play time. If you badly need that massive release of endorphins, dopamine, and all those happiness causing chemicals, this is where you need to head to!

Read more about the cafe here.


17th F Cross Road, Near Bus Depot, Indiranagar, Bengaluru

Beat The Traffic With A Heli-Taxi

Beer, coffee, and traffic are three things Bangalore is known for. And the last one is so well-known that people travelling to or from the airport have so often complained about how they reached the USA faster than they reached home. First of all, stop exaggerating. Then hop onto the Heli Taxi, a helicopter taxi service that lets you reach the airport in just 15 minutes. That’s one-way travel time is pretty amazing given that the average time during rush hour can be anywhere between three hours and several centuries.

Read more about the service here.

Stay In An Igloo Tent In The Hills Of Ooty

What better way to beat the Bangalore summer than taking off to the hills of Ooty, right? Imagine sleeping under the stars and waking up to misty mornings — all of which you can see by the way thanks to Crest Valley’s unique transparent balloon tent that looks like an igloo. Quite comfy and highly private, these igloo-shaped tents come with comfortably sized double beds and couches. Oh, and consider yourself lucky if you can catch the Ooty showers during your stay here.

If you are planning on making it a romantic getaway with bae, be sure to read more about these tents here.

Go Green At This New Culture Space

Ragi To Raga is a new cultural hotspot in the city that wants you to go all natural and live a sustainable life. As much as you will like shopping for natural and organic brands as well as cool merch such as reed handmade handbags and hand block-printed sarees, you will love the art gallery and the cafe too. The spot also conducts workshops on sustainable living.

If you are in a mood for a quick culture trip, read more here.

Cultural Centres

Near Shankaraa Foundation, Kanakapura Road, Doddakalsandra, Bengaluru

    Forget Peanuts Get Stationery At This Cart

    The S.S.L Pen & Stationery Cart is not your usual street vendor that sells peanuts or roasted corn. Instead, this one carries stationery essentials from pens and pencils to geometry kits. So much win right there! The cart parks at the end of Avenue Road, opposite the State Bank of India building, and it’s filled with a sheer variety of pens — from ballpoint pens to ink pens starting as low as INR 5. They have glitter pens too! Yaay!

    Check it out on LBB here.

    Stationery Stores

    Opp. State Bank Of Mysore, Anchepet, Chickpet, Bengaluru

      A Secret Kitchen For Dosa And Idli At Commercial Street

      Oh, this is one of our favourites. Ashok and his wife’s pocket-friendly kitchen inside their living room is one of those hidden gems that make Commercial Street extra special. Add fluffy idlis that are to die for and you’ve got something worth discovering (or rediscovering in our case). The couple serves fluffy idlis, four kinds of kal dosa, and lemon rice with a hearty meal not costing you more than INR 50. Be sure to ask for more of the piquant red chutney that you will mop up with the slightly thick dosas or melt-in-your-mouth idlis.

      Read more about it here.

      Home Bakers

      Near Sri Ganesh Chaitanya Jewellers, Jewellers Street, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru

        Bangalore's First Nutella Cafe

        We saved the best for the last and in doing so, we have realised that we are desperately craving Nutella. Tella Tales is touted as Bangalore’s first Nutella-themed cafe with a menu that boasts over 30, Nutella-based desserts. You can pick from the simple Tella Marshmallow Sticks which are marshmallows coated with Nutella and drizzled with, well, Nutella to the more extravagant Tella Exotica Pizza that comes with berries, fruits, and copious amounts of Nutella. Cravings satisfied much?

        Gather the squad, and read more here.


        28, 4th B Cross, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru