This Brand Gives Antiques A Fabulous Makeover!

What Makes It Awesome?

Imagine antique with a futuristic twist??!! How?? Allow us to introduce ‘Absynthe’, a remarkable brand that redesigns antique wares like watches and converts ‘em into ‘can’t wait to lay your hands on’ stuff. Absynthe Design, the name derived from the potent Victorian drink, was set up in 2013 when Abhisek Basak decided to take his hobby of designing products and jewellery seriously. Absynthe tells stories, evokes nostalgia, delves into memories and travels back and forth in time. Exquisite craftsmanship, intricate handwork and attention to detail with a keenness for restored artefacts makes each product a conversation starter. Object d’Art, art jewellery, home décor collectables, men's accessories and pens like you would have never seen before and take our word for it! Their Instagram and FB pages are full of drool-worthy designs and you must follow them right away. They also custom design old watches so if you have one such heirloom lying around collecting dust hand it over to Abhishek who will convert it into something you'd cherish and flaunt forever. This brand is eco-friendly and has unique designs (that are not repeated) and is 100% handmade. 'Absynthe' retails via Chairs & Company in Bangalore but you can always get in touch with their Instagram or FB page to purchase or discuss custom design possibilities. Psst! Still looking for something to gift bae on her /his birthday? Well, check this recommendation out already 😉

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000