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All You Need Are These Steps To Declutter Your Home And Make It Look Perfect

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    When you look around your home and see piled up papers, clothes, stains and random stuff piling up every day, do you ever get the feeling of shame and finally ends up in rage and this intense feels of throwing everything away and just need disinfectant-smelling, crystal clear and stainless floors? We’ve been there too, repeatedly. So we went right to the bottom of this problem and found that uncluttering is a powerful way to declutter your house and your mind. The best way to do this is by simplifying and approaching it in stages.

    A Place For Everything

    It can be the most random things like helmets, keys, coasters, papers, candles, matchbox, assign them a place. So the next time you use a coaster, you know where to put it back. You can buy these utility baskets to sort them out and place it neatly in their assigned space.

    Hang, Don’t Hurl

    Not that hang, we are talking about hanging clothes! We realise major cluttering starts near the closet where we just throw our clothes like we don’t care and walk away. So, instead, just get a clothes rail to hang your clothes every day after you change and sort them through the next day by putting it for washing or folding it.

    Stains Are Strains

    Love gardening and got too many potted plants inside your house? Good for you! It gives a lively touch to your space and a good way to keep breathing clean air. Instead of placing them in a tray which also gets dirty and leaves muddy stains on your marbles and granites, pick a planter stand for easy maintenance.

    So, What Are We Saying

    For a healthy lifestyle, start decluttering space around you and get a minute of discipline to your life when it comes to putting things back to its places. Find useful, multi-purpose storage boxes and organisers to make your home less slick and more slay!

    To help you organise your home, start here by browsing through Tidy Homz and their awesome range of home-related products. Ready to clean up? Are we inspiring or what!

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