Ten-second takeaway


Burgers, churros and crab cakes


Bubblin Dublin, A Nap at a Caravan

Winning for

Travel-themed decor, and a menu that takes you globe trotting on a platter

What to eat

We began our journey here with a cream of broccoli and cauliflower soup. Surprisingly, they come in the same bowl but partitioned to perfection with a crispy parmesan tuile serving as the LOC {Line of Control}. Crab Cakes {in ginger and thyme} with a pungent horseradish sauce, open chicken burgers, and pork ribs in a beer, paprika and cumin rub help tide you through as you spend time reading the interestingly-worded menu. We love that almost every meat option here has a veggie counterpart, and the croquettes so delicious {read: sinfully oozing cheese and potato!}, even a carnivore would turn vegetarian. Skip the usual drinks in favour of in-house specials. The Bubblin Dublin – Irish Cream with soda, and A Nap At A Caravan – a vodka-infused pineapple concoction, are our drinking companions, and we wouldn’t trade them for any others!

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On the road

If, like us, you’re a hungry traveller, then without batting an eyelid, opt for the burgers – crispy fish, veggie {kidney bean, carrots, capsicum and salsa}, grilled chicken or the original Hamburger with a beef patty. Vegetarians, their Mac and Cheese is simply amazing, especially if you are not counting calories! Even Mexico, South America, Spain and Kerala are represented here. We usually end our meal with Gypsy Churros {our favourite this side of town} and authentic New York Cheesecake, and are happy to report that it indeed a fine finale.

The DL on ambience…

Quirky, colourful and reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s painting, the art deco designs fit the travel theme perfectly. Throw in open suitcases where each tell a different story, travel gear and retro pop art, and a dominant central triangle bar, and you have yourself a conversation starter on every nook and cranny. Old-school rock rules the airwaves, with the occasional hint of EDM and chart-toppers during the weekend.

Where: 55 Prestige RR Building, Church Street

When: Sunday-Thursday, noon-11pm, Friday and Saturday, noon-1am

Price: INR 1,200 for two {approx.}

Contact: 080 49652896

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Check out their website here.