12 Places You Will Want To Travel To, Only With Your Bestie

Thrillophilia posted on 20 August

When you are with your friends, especially the BFF kinds, everything seems to be more vibrant, livelier and cheerful. Now take these friends, add a little travel and see how much more fun that becomes! Here is a list of 12 magnificent places in India, that you absolutely must visit with your best pals.

Sunderbans In West Bengal

The Sundarbans National Park should be right at the top of your list. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this National Park encompasses a long stretch across India and Bangladesh, that includes around 54 islands. The Sundarbans National Park is home to the largest number of wild tigers in addition to other animals like the rock python, water monitors, monkey and chital.

Valley of Flowers Trek In Uttarakhand

Connect with your best friend where nature connects with divinity. Discovered by a British traveller named Frank Smith in 1931, the Valley of Flowers is heaven on earth. This incredible valley is home to a variety of flowers like saxifraga, sediams, lilies, poppy, calendula, daisies, geranium, zinnia and petunia. One can also spot a number of butterflies and other insects. Located amidst the Himalayas at an elevation of 3,858m, this is a perfect getaway for you and your best friend.

Camping In Thar Desert

The Thar desert in Jaisalmer is well known for being the most ideal camping site for all. The tents here are built keeping your comfort in mind. They have all the modern amenities and are fully furnished, but still retain the conventional essence. Experience the exhilarating camel safaris and jeep safaris while here.

Skiing Trip In Auli

Pack your bags and head towards Garhwal Himalayas, where the mesmeric Auli awaits approximately at a distance of 250km from Rishikesh. Add some thrill to life, experience a 3.5km long cable car ride to Joshimath admiring the peaks of Nanda Devi, Kamet and Dronagiri. If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush then Auli is the perfect place to visit. It proffers activities such as skiing, trekking, sightseeing. Skiing is the most prefered adventure sport in Auli. The extensive area meant for skiing is breathtaking. The best time to go skiing at Auli is between the months of January and April.

Living Root Bridges In Meghalaya

What seems to appear straight out of a fantasy movie, the Living Root Bridges have to be seen to be believed! Some of these roots are more than hundred feet long and are strong enough to carry the weight of fifty people at one time. Located in Meghalaya, they are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rann of Kutch In Gujarat

Imagine nothingness and then imagine it some more! Among the most remote places in India and the largest salt desert in the world, the Rann of Kutch comes to life somewhere in October as the otherwise watered locale begins to dry up. Try making it to Kala Dungar {Black Hill} and experience a panoramic view from 458 meters above sea level.

Sandakphu In Darjeeling

Among the 5 highest peaks in the world, Sandakphu makes for a dreamy location. Surreal natural beauty and spectacular views define this place. It is here one can spot around 600 orchid-varieties and a remarkable diversity in nature which is not found anywhere else in the world.

Tsomgo Lake In Sikkim

Lakes at high altitudes always make for fantastic viewing. That’s what Tsomgo Lake is too. The lake is situated at an altitude of more than 12,000 feet above sea level. The lake gets its water from the melting ice of the surrounding glaciers. About 40km from the capital city of Gangtok and 5km from the Chinese border, you need to take an arduous trek to the lake. Despite the hardships involved, the trek to the lake is truly worth it!

Tawang Town In Arunachal Pradesh

Moving onto the North Eastern part of India, you will find one of the most serene and magnificent hill stations. Tawang, a sparsely populated hill town in Arunachal Pradesh also outshines other hill stations in India. Azure sky, lofty clouds, snow clad peaks and stunning views of the hills, mountains and the valleys make it a pristine hill station to visit in India.

Cave Exploring In Meghalaya

An exhilarating adventure in Meghalaya include exploring the many caves, this beautiful terrain has to offer! Laced with magnificent caves like Krem Mawmluh, Krem Phyllut, Krem Liat Prah, Mawsynram, Mawsmai and Siju, this North-Eastern state also has some of the hidden marvels. Natural formations, scenic hills and the mesmerizing beauty of the valleys make for an interesting backdrop to explore the interesting flora and fauna of the region.

Dune Bashing In Rajasthan

Don’t miss out on a quintessential rustic desert experience when in Rajasthan. The best regions of Rajasthan for a typical desert safari are Osian, Bikaner and Jaisalmer. You get to travel to some remote places of Rajasthan during the desert safari and explore some interesting ruins of the place. There is a story associated with the ruins and forts of Rajasthan, stories that captivate you from the word go.

Wagah Border

For that feeling of patriotism and nationality, head to Wagah Border which is on the only crossing road border between India and Pakistan. Celebrate along with thousands the extravagant ceremony that occurs here every day before the sun sets.

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