Get A Bit Rugged & Embrace Nature At Trippr!

What Makes It Awesome?

The view from the rooms and the cafe is something what every person from metropolitan searches for. The rumbling sound of the waves and blowing winds from all every direction, give you an overview of the hippie life in Gokarna. Trippr, Gokarna is completely run on solar power, so the AC here works only 2 hours (9-11PM). The people who run this place are completely chilled out and extremely friendly if you don't create a nuisance. Here during the season, they organize night treks to hidden beaches, the cafeteria here has limited menu items and none of them is Indian ones when we visited as it was offseason. The cafeteria here will tell us a lot about the people who've visited before us as they've written their views and thoughts in the cafeteria. The rooms are dorms with 10 bed, 6bed and 4bed ones and don't have a private shack, during the season they offer tent services in their own premises and also that time the menu is a bit extended. It costed us about 1k for 2 days stay and the breakfast here won't cost you more than 150 bucks per head. The Trippr hostel has some strict policies like not to drink or smoke up in the premises but they won't stop you if you do it on the beach, the place is extremely chilled out and will prove worthy if you really want to experience hippie culture.

What Could Be Better?

The rooms and the arrangement of the beds in it, the rooms have a wooden finish to them. So, during the summers the heat gets unbearable but during the winters it's a bit pleasant, also the water here for bathing and all is sea water. As they believe in sustainable development the water only for the bathing purpose here is saline water but for drinking, they have kept a common water dispenser (mineral water). Also, the location, the location of the place comes with a price it's a bit secluded and the only way to reach there is if you rent a scooter or auto-rickshaws.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group