Escape The City And Head Off To Hampi And Check Out The Gorgeous Tungabhadra Dam There

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    If you want a quick break from city life, but don’t want to venture too far away, we suggest the Tungabhadra Dam (sometimes known as Pampa Sagar). You’ll spot this beautiful waterbody on the left hand side if you’re driving down to Hampi or Hospete, from Bangalore. And before you see it, you’ll hear it well before; especially on a windy day when the water is at a high enough level. Once you’ve gotten over the majestic view (sunset here needs to be on Instagram!), then head over to the view points. The actual dam is just under a kilometre from the parking lot, so remember you will need to trudge a bit. If you have your elderly family with you, make a note of the shuttle buses. Once you get to the main dam area, check out the magnificent view of the dam, and the river too. It’s simply stunning. If you’re thinking of a low key marriage proposal, then here’s the place. Of course, many other tourists may be part of your plan, but hey, it’s worth it! 

    There is also a garden area with a musical fountain, flamingos and a mini fish house right on the premises as well so don’t forget to check those out. The space is open from 8.30am until 6.30pm; not ideal for a place where the sunrise and sunset could be the best time to visit! So to get the sunset at least, head here in the non-summer months. Stick around for spot-charged pelicans and storks, in addition to flamingos here. 

    There is not much else to do here, so head on over to Hampi for the rest of the trip! From Bangalore, you should reach the Tungabhadra dam in about 6 hours as it is 330 kilometres away. Hampi is then just a 20-minute drive away. Make sure to also go cliff diving there! Low key, and high on adventure.