Ten-Second Takeaway

January 2017 is already looking promising with two new properties launching at Phoenix MarketCity. Get set to say hello to Bar Bar, apparently India’s first wholesale priced bar and Shizusan, an Asian shop-house-themed restaurant.

Asia On A Plate


After opening in Pune, and Mumbai this month, Shizusan will launch in early 2017 in Bangalore. Describing itself as a Shophouse and Bar concept, Shizusan will offer a sushi and dim sum bar along with a separate section reserved for spirits. The menu and concept is inspired by the cuisine of China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand, including lesser known ones such as Filipino, Vietnamese, Macanese and Cantonese. Look out for maki rolls, sashimi and nigiri, dim sums, baos, ramens, noodle bowls and more. Plus, all you can eat from dim sum trolleys. The spirits bar will offer everything from sake to soju and Japanese whiskey and Asia-inspired cocktails.

Bar Bar


Claiming to be India’s first wholesale priced bar, Bar Bar is going to float “a drink more and pay less” concept. Works for us for sure! There’s going to be terrace seating arrangement here with a barbecue and grills menu. The bar is designed with pockets that will act as a market zone for the dealings of alcohol at wholesale prices! Expect food carts, an elevated DJ console and a stage for regular live performances. Cocktails by the litre, shots by the dozen and beer towers are other fun concepts we are looking forward to.

Watch this space for more.