Bored Of The Same Old Parties? Unique House Sessions Are What’s Trending In The City!


    If you’re one for new experiences or are just tired of attending gigs at pubs and resto bars, worry not! The culture in the city is moving from mainstream events to those of intimate settings in houses. The norms of loud speakers and people talking over each other are moving out! Folks are now bringing curated gatherings to their homes to create memories and special aesthetics through the means of music, food and parties. What better way to make friends and explore new ventures than by being around fun company and good vibes!

    SOFAR Sounds

    Sofar Sounds transforms everyday spaces into magical venues for music sessions. With the intent of respecting all forms of music, the founders curated a format of selecting the audience before even announcing the lineup of artists. The mystery and anticipation of the gig remains until you get the address of the venue a day before the gig. Based on a lottery system, the gathering is curated to make sure you meet new people every time. The best part about the event is that it’s free of cost and allows you to BYOB!


    LVNG started out as a platform for artists to reach their full potential and showcase their talents. Through a filtration process, the organisers make sure that only people who support independent art and fully appreciate music are seated in the audience. The musicians perform for a limited audience that ensures an intimate setting. They are relatively new and don’t have a website yet so be sure to follow them on social media for updates on gigs and ticket prices!

    House Concert Bengaluru

    Creating an inclusive society of musicians and music lovers alike, the organisers bring together tunes and combine it with aesthetics of gorgeous houses across the city. The brainchild of Jeffy John, House Concerts was started to financially enable local artists to enter the music industry by ticketing the audience. Being budget friendly and giving the public a chance to spend their weekends doing something different is what attracts the crowd to their sessions.


    What started out as an offbeat way to explore the city and make new friends has now become a full-fledged community of food enthusiasts and lovers. Different people offer to host dinners and lunches at their homes with the intent of being around like-minded people. Focused on being people-centric more than emphasising on food, this group will literally make you feel at home. Sharing passions and opening doors to new peeps is what the community thrives on.

    Travelling Spoon

    Travelling Spoon connects locals with tourists through the medium of food. If you’re someone who loves to cook and learn about different cultures, this is a no brainer! This platform lets you spend a full day with a tourist, while you show off nooks and corners of Bangalore. In-home cooking experiences and market experiences are additions to the home-cooked meal. This is a great way to make friends and earn some ka-ching while doing it.


    Scoot helps you discover new people through house parties. Through their website, you can choose to attend or host parties and accordingly pay or make money. Through tailored home-hosted events, Scoot creates an exclusive environment so that you can “be yourself without the pressure to impress but only to express.” With the purpose of breaking away from social media, the organisers want to bring people out from in front of their phone screens to interacting with people directly.