Create a Garden Right at Home with Urban Mali

Roshni posted on 14 March


Urban Mali promises to turn your balcony, frontyard or even a simple windowsill into a pretty garden space with native plants.

Going green

It was the thought “What if everyone began growing vegetables or plants in their homes?” which inspired city-based botanist and nature lover, Vandana Krishnamurthy to do something different. Teaming up with fellow nature enthusiast, Radha Eshwar, the duo set forth with Urban Mali, a social enterprise that encourages homes to grow native plants {indigenous to India} and create their own gardens, forming an emotional bond between people and nature. Currently working with a team of gardeners {who are basically rural farmers who migrated to the city for jobs}, they have already set up over 35 organic gardens within the past six months!

Green house

Wondering how to get your own garden at home? Once you contact them, a site visit is set up and the chief gardener, Sudhakar, will come by to take a look at your space. Also, expect catalogues to choose what look you would like for your garden and questionnaires to know more about your preferences {with questions like what a garden means to you and what vegetables you mostly buy}. After they are told about any specifications you have and their final plan is accepted, it doesn’t take more than three-four days for your garden to take shape, under the able hands of the malis. And, the best part? They are ready to take up even the smallest of spaces. So, whether it’s a spacious rooftop or even that extra-wide window ledge, they promise to give you a spot of greenery. Want a pretty space in your office balcony? Or, perhaps in your bedroom? The folks are Urban Mali are all up for it. Ranging from vegetables, flowering, herbal and indoor varieties, they also let you choose the kind of plants you’d like. What’s more, they even set up fruit trees in large garbage bins!

Contact: +91 9535025938

Price: INR 5,000 upwards

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