Ten-second takeaway

The great Tibetan monk, Sogyal Rinpoche’s views on the many contradictory voices that sum up our lives has inspired Thalamus. The three-part dance theatre series is performed by Urs Dietrich and presented by Max Mueller Bhavan.

A study in fragments

In a powerful text, Sogyal Rinpoche observed that our emotional lives are driven to pieces by too many conflicting voices and opinions trying to dominate. The result, he deemed, was that “no one is home.” It is this that forms the basis and point of exploration for the three-part dance series – Thalamus. Observations, both internal and external, that have emerged from this text, power the movements of Urs Dietrich in this memorable performance. Deep and intriguing, no?

Solo act

Winner of the 2004 Kritikerpreis für Tanz {the German Critics Award for Dance}, Urs Dietrich is a towering figure in the world of choreography. Since the ’80s, Urs Dietrich has extensively travelled through Europe, Asia, and South America, bringing enthusiasts a variety of solo and group choreographies.

In Thalamus, Dietrich searches for the simple and the essential. He constantly introduces fissures and contradictions into his acts so that a sense of irony is created. And through his movements shines a light on the secrets hidden in the changes and dissolution of real time. While you may play catch-up through it, it’s all worth it.

Where: Ranga Shankara, 36/2, 8th Cross, JP Nagar

When: Thursday, January 7, 7.30pm

Price: INR 200

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Featured image via: Goethe-Institut Bangalore