Notebooks, Socks And Bottles At INR 150: This Store's Japanese-Style Quirky Merch Is Budget Goals

    Jayanagar, Bangalore


    We’re big fans of the nifty Usupso, for its line of Japanese designed and China made goodies, most of which are priced under INR 500.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Just a 10-minute walk from the Metro Station, Usupso is a budget shopping paradise gave the neighbouring BDA Complex a run for its money with their pocket-friendly merch. A cute little store in Jayanagar’s 4th Block, it’s a dreamland with everything from socks to aroma diffusers, starting at just INR 150. In fact, most of the merch here is priced at just INR 150. You can score a pack of three notebooks, portable mirrors, nail kits, grooming products, two pairs of socks, water bottles, 10 rolls of washi tape or hair combs and brushes for just INR 150 (including GST!).

    Storage freaks, you’re going to love their collection of baskets and drawers. From laundry baskets to toy boxes and water bottles labelled for each day of the week, get home organised to the tee with their storage units. Wallets, backpacks, sunglasses, costume jewellery, Bluetooth speakers, alarm clocks and digital weighing scales are also up for sale here, mostly at prices under INR 500. So if you’re budget is around INR 1,000, then you can really fill your bags with plenty of goodies.

    We were a little sceptical of the quality thanks to the low prices, so we actually tried their products and they passed the test. Their diffusers really made our homes smell nice and posh, and their detangle brushes and combs lived up to salon standards. We’re also big fans of their understated and elegant aesthetic, a far cry from the tacky Chinese made merchandise we usually get. The subtle and functional Japanese design and the budget-friendly Chinese make seem to compliment each other well for most of their products. We see it as a kind of budget version of Muji, so grab the next metro to Jayanagar and shop till you drop without breaking the bank at Usupso.


    Don’t confuse the logo with Japanese clothing brand, Uniqlo, it’s got an uncanny resemblance.
      Jayanagar, Bangalore