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In The Mood For Love? Send Bae A Cute Card This Valentine’s Day

Roshni posted on 08 February

One of the last remaining joys of a pre-digital world are Valentine’s Day cards. Whether it’s sexy, clever or just cheesy, these cards will show your partner just how much they mean to you!

Happy Wagon

Woo your partner with Katie Abey’s on-point sarcastic and punny greeting cards. We especially loved the animal feature cards (‘I whaley whaley like you’ and ‘Purrfect together’). There’s also Alicia Souza’s anti-Valentine’s Day card (for those of you who really don’t get the hype!), cards by The Playful Indian and The Filmy Owl. Besides cards, you’ll also find notebooks, keychains, scented candles, luggage tags and more!

Gift Shops

Happy Wagon

Crack Of Dawn

Add a whole lot of cuteness to make Valentine’s Day more special, with Crack of Dawn's cards. You can get in touch with them through their social media or buy directly from the website. From romantic explosion boxes (yes, some of us like to be a little extra!) to photo albums, everything is crafted to perfection. What’s more, you can reach out to them and have the product customised especially for bae.

The Paper Company

These cards are super cute, minimalistic and will surely make your SO’s day. With fruit-scented greeting cards (they’re dipped in essential oils and dried to perfection!), adorable sticky notes and glittery washi tapes, you can personalise your card for bae to the T. And if you want to make your gift and card look extra special, check out their pretty wrapping papers too!

Paper Design

Go all mental with Paper Design’s pretty DIY cards. You can choose from greetings, borders, motifs and backgrounds. All you have to do is enjoy yourself while you create that perfect card (with your favourite inside joke!) for your partner. If you’re creatively challenged (or just lazy, like yours truly), you can always opt for their ready-to-go versions too!

Spree Firit

Check out Vijaya Aswani’s artwork that’s bound to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Our personal favourite is the #punnygirls series, from ‘I have fillings for you’ (featuring a girl holding an oversized taco) to ‘You’re a Jale-Babe’, referring to everyone favourite Indian dessert. You can order cards by writing to her on Instagram, and we’re sure your partner will love it to bits!


Spree Firit