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Wardrobe Wishlist: What To Shop From Aéropostale For Under INR 2,500

It’s time for a seasonal overhaul of your closet, and you’re already ditching clothes you haven’t worn in a decade. Feel like going to the mall and impulsively shopping? Stop, and check out Aéropostale in the comfort of your home. Now available on Amazon, you can just keep adding more to the shopping cart and effortlessly stock up on those wardrobe staples. And since everything here is under INR 2,500, it’s quite difficult you, but here’s some of versatile-yet-staple clothing you can’t resist.

Hoodie Lovin'

Winter is here, and it’s time to bundle up in layers. Before wearing that black sweater {again}, we suggest you show off your cool personality with a hoodie.

A classic way to add a warm layer of clothing to avoid that chill, this one is definitely going to get stolen by your girlfriend or your friends. Whether you want to stick with the classic grey, black and white, or experiment with maroon or blue, Aéropostale has that variety that will make you get ’em all.

Men, get your hoodie here. Ladies, shop here.

Take Your Shirt Off

Actually, keep it on because it’s getting really cold outside. And in this weather, you know our favourite activity is those sunny winter brunches with friends.

Are you stressing on what to wear for them? Because these occasions demand a shirt that’s effortlessly cool and casual, yet pairs well with a throw-on sweater and wayfarers.

Men, get your shirts here. Ladies, shop here.

Embrace Sweatpants

Heading to the gym or errands? Sweatpants are the essence of all-season comfort wear. Get a pair of them and never have to worry about what to wear on any day. Aéropostale also has a bunch of colour options, and we suggest you stock up on all for year-round functional clothing and ease.

Men, get your sweatpants here. Ladies, shop here.

Of Jeans And Jeggings

We all know the value of a good pair of classic jeans. And ladies, jeggings are a perfect way to accentuate your look, whether you’re staying subtle with a blouse or going bold with a crop top. Trust us, you won’t be able to stop checking yourself out in front of every mirror in these.

Men, get your jeans here. Ladies, shop here.

Graphic Tee-ase

We believe graphic tees are the coolest addition to any closet. Whether they espouse quotes or just the brand, you can dress them up or down based on your personal style statement. Our tip? Add a blazer on top for a formal look or wear them with shorts {ladies, these look great with a maxi skirt} for a casual vibe. Aéropostale offers a range of options in different colours, and they also make cool gifting options for your friends.

Men, get your tees here. Ladies, shop here.

With your wardrobe sorted for the coming year, don’t forget to get some classic accessories like belts and caps to keep exuding those good vibes. So keep your credit card close and start shopping!