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Set Navigation To Kaup Beach This New Year To Check Out This Scuba Diving Experience


    When you have got the whole beach to yourself, there’s a lot you can do. Case in point is West Coast Adventures’ half-day scuba diving experience. And you’ll get certified too.

    Into The Deep Blue Sea

    One for the bucket list we say, if you are heading to Kaup Beach, then it’s more than bumming around the beach and clicking Insta-worthy pictures from the lighthouse on the beach side. With scuba diving centres in Mumbai, Murudeshwar, Goa, Pune, the Kaup Beach branch of West Coast Adventures is giving us a run for our money with its half-day diving program. What’s that all about? Well, read on we say, divers.

    The scuba diving programme is quite exciting from what we hear. For starters, the diving instructors are going to take you through the day’s itinerary {and have you fill out a medical questionnaire} and give you an idea of what’s to be expected. Next up, it’s a half-hour boat ride away to the island {no, not St. Mary’s Island, but rather a rocky island} from where you will be diving off. During the boat ride, the two instructors are going to teach you how to use the equipment. The instructors will make you try on the suit and equipment while on the boat so that by the time you get to the island you know your way around.

    Once on the island, some more instructions and post that, off you dive along with your instructor and it’s about half hour of underwater exploration. If you know anyone with an underwater camera, it’d be best if you could borrow it from them. Or better ask them to join you on this cool adventure. After all, the price per person is a cool INR 4,500, but it’s all inclusive of the gear, the boat ride and the instructor fees.

    Dive Right In

    Loved your scuba diving experience? Want to be certified? Well, these guys have a four-day scuba diving certification programme which you can apply for. Their beginner level PADI {Professional Association Of Diving Instructors} Open Water Diver Course will have you learning the basics of SCUBA diving through a day of theory classes, followed by a day of pool training, before wrapping up your programme with two days of open water diving where you will put all that you’ve learnt to the test. Clear all that and a final exam and you will become a Certified PADI Open Water Diver.

    The price for the programme is INR 25,000 and it’s inclusive of equipment and certification too.

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