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Wetzel's Pretzels Will Make Your Snack Time Better With Cheesy Or Cinnamon Twists

Amrita posted on 18 January


Your one-stop shop for pretzels in the city, Wetzel’s Pretzel does a selection — from simple sugar dusted ones to spicy jalapeño and cheese numbers.

Chow Down

Jalapeno Cheese Melt, Sinful Cinnamon

Sip On

They do have some sugary sweet lemonades and aerated beverages, but you should probably give those a miss.

Winning For

The pretzels of course, made fresh from scratch, and served in the quick service format.

Lowdown On The Ambience

We have tried the branch {there are several others in the city} at Phoenix MarketCity, and this is a place where you buy your pretzel and just sit anywhere in the mall. Or just walk around and eat it as you window shop. Wetzel’s doesn’t have any eating arrangement.

It's Snack Time!

The only things on the menu are, of course, the pretzels and that’s a good thing. Though chicken and pepperoni are options, we’d say stick to those with loads of cheese. The soft, freshly baked pretzels are everything and you really don’t need much to make them taste better. The cinnamon sugar dusted, buttery pretzel is one of our favourites, followed by the piquant Jalapeno Cheese melt, topped with plenty of grated cheese and slices of jalapeno and baked till everything melts and becomes gooey and all kinds of delicious. You need to eat these pretzels hot and right away!

So, We're Thinking...

This one makes for a quick, filling snack. It is junk food and should not be had daily of course, but you’d deserve a treat occasionally, don’t you?


Don’t care for a full blown pretzel, go for their “Bitz, their bite sized pretzels available in a vegetarian and sweet version.

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Wetzel's Pretzels

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Food Courts

Wetzel's Pretzels