WhatsApp May Soon Be Banned In Some Parts Of India

Aakanksha posted on 19 June

OK, calm down. No need to panic…yet. This doesn’t currently affect you right now, but who knows when it might. Currently however, the government and officials from the Ministry Of Electronics and Information Technology, are contemplating banning WhatsApp in certain parts of Jammu & Kashmir. Apparently, the cross-platform messaging and voice app has been used, and does still continue to be used as the “preferred medium of communication for anti-national forces.” While this is still under discussion, and not confirmed at any level yet, it isn’t the first time that armed forces, including the police of the area, have called for a ban on the app. In fact, the terror attack at Nagrota Army Camp back in 2016, was allegedly carried out with order received over WhatsApp calls. The government is still weighing the pros and cons of this potential block, which if it comes into effect will affect insurgency hit areas around the country, most predominantly Jammu & Kashmir.  

This is ban is unlikely to affect most of the country, especially cities, but with the safety, security and privacy issues of the app itself, under scrutiny, the world over, we’re wondering how long its popularity will last anyway.

This news first appeared on The Economic Times. Read the entire post here.