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Check Out Why Knot For Wooden Home Decor And Tech Accessories

Chandni posted on 15th September

Ten-Second Takeaway

Delhi-based Why Knot does magic with wood to create tech accessories, bottle holders, kitchen accessories and home decor products.

Wood You Rather Not?

Anyone here a big fan of all things tech but also wants to keep it stylish? Then look no further than Why Knot’s stylish wooden accessories specifically geared towards gadgets. To begin with, we love the minimalist design of their wooden speakers and can see ourselves using this in our living/bedroom or at work too, for that impromptu office party. And this compact wooden speaker for when you’re on the go or when your car stereo has decided to give up on you. Acoustics, by the way are great if your speaker is wooden, so there’s more reason to shop here. You can dock your phone on these and music away to glory.

Tangling chords making a messy web in your room? Go for their organisers which will sort your chords {and your life} out in no time. And you have to take a look at this super cool tablet stand that comes with a writing paper roll so you can multi-task like a boss. There you go, all your tech mess is taken care of!

Wooden Charms

Why Knot also has lovely garden planters and calming candle stands that you can check out here. Their minimalist bottle holder can really add some serious old-school-cool vibe to your home. We’re also digging the kitchen accessories that include table mats and coasters in geometric patterns, different kinds of cutting boards in minimalist designs. If wood is not your thing, then these can be great gifting options. Why Knot has a slightly small range of products but for whatever they have, we’re sold.

Price: INR 450 upwards

Contact: web.whynot@gmail.com

Check out their website here to shop online.

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