Mile High Drama: Passengers Can Use Mobile Phones On Flights For Voice Calls And Internet

Aakanksha posted on 24 May

OK, this is like most people’s worst nightmare coming most definitely true. As of last week, the Telecom Commission has approved the use of WiFi, data service and voice calling services on flights. Full-service carriers such as Air India and Vistara are rather happy with this new development while some others are still mulling it over. Apparently, lower cost airlines like IndiGO and SpiceJet will have to upgrade technology to facilitate this so have not yet decided whether they will allow WiFi or calls onboard. We are of course, hoping against hope that most airlines will not want this service. Bad enough people start calling home the minute the front wheel hits the tarmac, and text all the way until the flight attendant has to ask them to switch it off, instantly, imagine when people keep talking all through. Ugh! We can only imagine those unnecessary couples calls and second-by-second updates about the flight status. And calls to parents across the globe every time meals are finished or are on its way.

While the Telecom Commission has already made the decision, it will take about three or four months to come into play, and will be applicable on domestic and international flights. Hopefully though, when it does come into effect, those who will not misuse this freedom will also be able to effectively use date service on a flight. This means some of us can well utilise time on the aircraft and get work done. Or just browse the Internet. But really, you should say bye bye to all your mile high naps. They will be disturbed from the time you buckle up!

This news first appeared on Business Today. Read the entire post here.